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Development Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
5/9 Under Hill Road,
(Transport Authority Building)
Delhi -110054
Tel.: 23941773,23956381
Fax: 23957289
email: cdevlop[at]nic[dot]in

This Charter spells out the details of the norms and standards to which the Department dedicates itself in providing quality service which will be efficient, prompt, courteous, time bound, transparent and fair to all those who visit out office.


Details of the activities/facilities/services rendered by this Department to the people are available with the respective units in the form of Booklets, Leaflets etc. Following Units are covered under Development Department.

1. Fisheries unit
2. Animal Husbandry unit
3. Agriculture unit
4. Plant Protection unit
5. Seed Certification Agency unit
6. Soil Testing Lab.
7. Integrated Agriculture Development Program unit
8. Rural Development.


The main objective of the Development Department is to provide multifarious services to the farmers viz. provision of better scientific techniques/technology inputs, distribution of subsidy, testing of samples of water and soil, augmenting, irrigation facilities, distribution of fertilizer/manure on nominal rates, treatment (indoor/OPD) in various veterinary dispensaries of ailing animals, supply of medicines, vaccines etc. Latest technical knowhow is also provided to persons belonging to SC/ST and General Community in Poultry Farming. SC/ST participants are also provided stipend at completion of Training. Lastly development of fisheries activities viz. providing the technical know-how for fish-culture, issue of fishing licenses and supply of quality-strained fish seeds to the fish farmers/fisherman, are also given. Grant of NOC for electric connection to tube-well for agriculture purposes, construction/repair of Panchayat Ghars/ chaupals for SCs/Wells in rural areas are activities which also fall within the ambit of this department. The procedure to avail these services/facilities is given ahead:


1. Infrastructure

a) Veterinary Polyclinic. - 01

b) Veterinary Hospitals. - 47

c) Veterinary Dispensaries.- 26

d) Disease Diagnostic Lab - 01

2. Main functions/Activities of the Unit

a) Treatment of all types of animals through OPDs of 76 Veterinary Hospitals /Dispensaries/Polyclinic.

b) Free Prophylactic vaccinations of animals against:

  • Rabies
  • Foot & Mouth Disease
  • Hemorrhagic Septicaemia
  • Black Quarter

c) Guidance to livestock owners and pet lovers for rearing/management of animals.

d) Implementation & Monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes:

  • Assistance to States for Control of Animal Diseases,
  • National Project on Rinderpest Eradication,
  • Integrated Sample Survey Scheme,
  • Foot and Mouth Disease Control Programme,
  • National Animal Disease Reporting System

e) Monitoring/Surveillance of Avian Influenza: There is no report of any incidence of Avian Influenza in Delhi till date. However surveillance is a the continuous activity in Delhi.

f) Artificial Insemination is conducted free of cost through 29 AI centers to improve Genetic Potential of the existing livestock of Delhi.

g) 05 Gausadans are being run through NGO’s to provide shelter & feed to stray cattle in GNCT of Delhi.(Rs 20/- per cattle per day by GNCTD & Rs 20/- by MCD as feeding charges.). Capacity of the Gausadans is about 24,000 and presently, 10,185 cows are being maintained.

h) Organizing Vety. Treatment/ Vaccination Camps & Kissan Gosties in the rural areas of Delhi.

i) Free Infertility & Treatment Camps in different areas of Delhi with a special reference to Rural Areas and Dairy Colonies.

j) Free Disease Diagnostic Facilities to Livestock Farmers through Disease Diagnostic Lab, Palam

k) Specialized treatment to the animals is given through Polyclinic Bawana

3. Livestock Census:

(in thousands)

Name of the Species 2012

Cattle & Buffaloe - 208
Sheep, Goat, Pigs etc. - 42
Poultry - 31

4. Other Activities

a) MCD has shifted & rehabilitated livestock in 10 dairy colonies i.e. Bhalaswa, Jharoda, Ghazipur, Madanpur Khadar, Masoodpur, Goela, Nangli Sakrawati, Kakrola, Gharoli & Ghogha Dairies. AH Department has provided Veterinary Hospital in each of these dairy colonies so as to provide Veterinary Services at the door step for the animals.

b) Four Animal Birth Control (ABC) centres have been established at Ghazipur, Tughlakabad, Tilangpur Kotla & Pehladpur. Stray dogs are sterilized & vaccinated by MCD in these centres to control stray dog menace in the city.

c) Delhi Government has constituted Delhi Society For Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The society has 02 Veterinary Hospitals cum infirmaries at Tis Hazari & Darya Ganj where ownerless sick, injured and infirm animals are provided treatment shelter, feeding and health care. The Secy cum Commissioner (Dev) is the Chairperson of the Managing Committee of DSPCA. The Development Department release GIA for the running of the Society.

d) For Regulation of Vety. Practice in NCT of Delhi as per provisions of Indian Vety. Council Act, 1984, Govt. of NCT of Delhi had established Delhi Vety. Council. Under Professional Efficiency Development Programme council organizes seminars/workshop to enhance professional knowledge of veterinarians of Delhi State. The Grant in Aid is given by GOI to the state veterinary councils through the state animal husbandry department.

e) To provide grant-in-aid to NGOs involved in Animal welfare activities through Delhi Advisory Board for Animal Welfare. It provides financial support for institutions /NGOs for providing shelter, feeding and health care facilities to sick, infirm and ownerless animals. A State Animal Welfare Board is constituted by the Department and the Chairperson of the Board is Chief Secretary (Delhi).

5. Acts & Rules Applicable in Animal Husbandry Unit, Dev. Deptt. GNCT of Delhi


a) Delhi Agriculture Cattle Preservation Act 1994, Govt. of Delhi

b) Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, Govt. of India

c) Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984, Govt. of India


a) Indian Veterinary Council Rule 1985, Govt. of India

b) Delhi Agriculture Cattle Preservation Rules 1996, Govt. of Delhi

c) Delhi Veterinary Council Rules 1988, Govt. of Delhi

Statutory Bodies

For proper enforcement for Cruelty of Animals Act, 1960, Delhi Government has constituted Delhi SPCA Board. Besides enforcing various provisions of existing Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules of the Act, the Board has One Vety. Hospital cum infirmary at Tis Hazari where sick animals, sick injured and suffering animals are provided treatment shelter feeding and health care. The Board also looks after the Public Awareness Campaign for passion towards animals and their suffering. The board also have a hospital at Daryaganj.

Telephone Nos. of Society for prevention against cruelty to animals.

Tis Hazari : 011-23965369


The board is an advisory body for Govt. of NCT of Delhi regarding various animal welfare activities and release of grant in aid for NGO's/AWOs engaged in animal welfare activities in NCT of Delhi.

The Board has established under Animal Welfare Board of India. The Chairman of the Board is Chief Secretary of Delhi. The Members of the board are both official and non officials. The non official members mainly include NGOs and Animal Welfare Activists.


For Regulation of Vety. Practice in NCT of Delhi as per provisions of Indian Vety. Council Act, 1984, Govt. of NCT of Delhi had established Delhi Vety. Council.
For registration of Vety. Practitioners and any other matter regarding regulation of Vety. Practice in NCT of Delhi Registrar, Delhi Vety Council can be contacted between 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM.

For further details, enquiries, clarification etc.

Contact : REGISTRAR (Delhi Veterinary Council)
Telephone : 011-26892731
Tele-fax: 011-26136734
Helpline : 011-23890485, 23890317

Contact Us
Head Office

1. Dr.Jitendar Kumar Gaur 9811029592 Director of Animal Husbandry Unit
2. Dr. Ubed Khan 011-23890102 Veterinary Officer (HQ)
3. Dr. Nitant V. Paunikar 011-23890485 Veterinary Officer (HQ)

Head of Office : Director (Animal Husbandry)
Incharge Fisheries Unit , Seelampur, Dr. Rakesh Singh (9818577469)
Off. Address : Zorawar Singh Marg, Tis Hazari.,
Telephone No. : 23890485, 23890092, 23890317, FAX 23890174.

Fisheries Unit

S.No. Services/Facilities Procedure    to procure Time Remarks (Whom to contact)
1 Production of quality strained fish seed and its stocking in private and public waters To any fish farmer @ Rs. 100/- per days thousands from Govt. fish seed farm, Seelampur, delhi-53 2-3 days Warden of Fisheries/ Ph.- 22826002
2 Technical know-how for fish culture To any fish farmer (free of cost) From time to time on demand Warden of Fisheries/ F.E.O.            Ph.- 22826002
3 Issue of fishing licences  for Yamuna water To any fisherman professional & Amateur Anglers on daily an annual basis   F.E.O. Fishing License Office, Khyber Pass Delhi-110054 Mob.- 9891998544
  I. Licence for one year: Fee chargeable
i.) Delhi area (cast net) Rs. 300/
ii.) Delhi area (Rod & Line) Rs. 150/-
iii.)Okhla area (Rod & Line) Rs. 300/-
II. Licence for one day. 
Fee chargeable:
i.) Delhi area (Rod & Line) Rs. 3/-
ii.)  Okhla area (Rod & Line) Rs. 20/-
4. Conservation of fish fauna in public waters By enforcement of Indian Fisheries Act 1897 and Punjab fisheries Act, 1914 which includes river Yamuna & its tributaries. Throughout the year Warden of Fisheries/ F.E.O. Seelampur Delhi-110053 Ph: 011-22826002

In case if any grievances contact Fisheries Extension Officer on any working day i.e. Monday to Friday (10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.) Dr. Rakesh Singh , Warden Fisheries. (011-22828002) (9891998544)

Question:What are the Services/Facilities provided by the Animal Husbandry Unit of Development Department and what is the procedure to procure?

Answer: Services/Facilities provided by the Animal Husbandry Unit of Development Department with procedure to procure, time taken to avail these facilities with requisite remarks are as follows:


Assistance to SC/ST candidates for poultry training
Poultry Trg. to SC/ST candidates and stipend of Rs.750/- per candidate along with printed training materials.
In case of any grievances, contact: Director (Animal Husbandry) on any working day i.e. Monday to Friday (10.30a.m. to 5.00p.m.)
(Under the Control of Director Animal Husbandry Zorawar Singh Marg, Tis

S.No. Schemes Brief Description
1. Expansion and re-organisation of inland fisheries activities in Delhi Providing of Technical assistance and quality strained fish seeds to the fish farmers and establishment of fish seed production farms.
1. Treatment of all types of sick animals Through O.P.D. slip issued by V.A.S. Incharge of the Vety. Hospitals/Dispensaries (47 Hospitals, 28 Vety. Dispensaries and one Vety. Poly clinic) On the Spot on First come first Serve basis during working hours as follows:9.00-1.00 (oad) Emergency Services upto 4.00  P.M. Concerned V.A.S Incharge of Hospital / Dispensary/ Polyclinic
2 Specialised treatment facilities in the discipline of Surgery and Gynaecology   Through OPD slips at Vety. Polyclinic Bawana and referral cases are attended in Block Level Vety. Hospitals of NCT  of Delhi.   Concerned Incharge at the Vety. Polyclinic Bawana. Ph. 27752913
3 (a)Diseases Diagnosis Facility Through different Laboratory test (b)To provide Meat SampleTesting facility to the meat exporters for certain Bacteriological Parameters and to issue Vety. Health Certificates(VHC) (a)Through referral slips issued by V.A.S.Incharge of different Vety. Hospitals/ Dispensaries of N.C.T. of Delhi.(free of cost ) (b)The meat samples are collected by the designated/ concerned Veterinarians in accordance with the provisions laid down under the Export of Raw Meat (Chilled/Frozen) (Quality Control and Inspection) Rules.1992. and submitted by the representatives of the concerned exporting firm.Test feeApplicable @Rs.300/-per test/ certificate (VHC). Within 4 working Days      Within 96 hours/4 working days Incharge Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Vety. Hospital Complex Palam Delhi. Ph.25056711
4 Free Prophylactic vaccination of livestock against contagious diseases like H.S.(Galghontu) &F.M.D.(Muh-khur) By organising special vaccination camps for large animals May-June for H.S.&Aug.-Dec.F.M.D. VO  concerned Hospital/Dispensary.
5 Prophylactic vaccination of canines against Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo etc. Through O.P.D. slip and vaccine provided by the owner on prescription On the spot Concerned VO Incharge of Hospital/Dispensary
6. Free Artificial Insemination With frozen semen in cows and buffaloes Through O.P.D. slip and in 29 A.I. Centres/ Sub-centres On the spot Concerned VO  Incharge of Hospital/Dispensary
7. To provide technical opinion in Veterolegal cases Through police officials of the area whenever required. Same day VO Incharge of the concerned area.
8. Training of S.C/S.T candidates and unemployed youths in modern poultry farming. Training of S.C/S.T candidates at block level Vety. Hospitals&trg.to general category candidates at V.H.Satbari 15 days training to S.C/S.T candidates. 30days training to general category candidates. East- Arun Kumar (9890918456)
 North West – Dr. Yaspal Singh (9810738147)   South – Dr.Shyamel Suren (7042539707)   South West – Dr. Vijay Dagar  (9810711024)
9. Guidance to farmers for rearing animals like cattle, buffalo, horse, camel, sheep, goat, pig, poultry units Through extension activities by organising free treatment –cum-vaccination camps and farmers meetings at village level Periodically with advance wide publicity in the area VO  Dr. K.K.Sharma I/C Former  Information Centre Palam Vety. Hospital.     9317945966


1. Assistance to SC/ST candidates for poultry training Poultry Trg. to SC/ST candidates and stipend of Rs.750/- per candidate along with printed training materials.






Bhogal, Bhati Mines, Jaunapur, Satbari, Tuglakabad, Madanpur Khadar, Madanpur Khadar Dairy, Maidan Garhi Village, Meethapur Village, Masoodpur, Rangpuri village,Ghitorni Village and Fatehpur Beri.

In case of any grievance contact, District Animal Husbandry Officer .



Hastsal Village, Nangloi, Tikri Kalan, Nangloi Near Police Station, Zakhira, Mundka, Tilangpur, Kotla Vill, Daryapur Village, Bajitpur Vill, Pehladpur, Poot Khurd Vill,Kanjhawala, Qutabgarh,Ghewra, Nizam Pur, Jounti,Majra Dabas, Karala, Madanpur, Begumpur and Bhawana.

In case of any grievance contact, District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr.Yash Pal Singh Mob.9810738147



Bijwasan,Daulatpur Vill,Goela Dairy,Kapashera,Kakrola,Najafgarh Vill,Nangli Shakrawati Dairy Colony, Palam , Najafgarh Vill, Dhasna Vill, Dhichau Kalan Vill,Jharoda Kalan Vill, Chhawala Vill, Kair Vill,Munhela Kalan Vill, Pandawala Vill, Rawata, Ujwa Vill, Ghumanhera Vill and Sarangpur.

In case of any grievance contact, District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr.L.C.Das Mob. 981847898



Karawal Nagar,Gazipur, Gharoli Kondali, Jheel Khurenja,Patparganj Vill, Shahdara, Shakarpur and Shabhapur.

In case of any grivance contect, District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr.P.K.Srivastava Mob. 9810719184



Badli Vill, Alipur,Bhalswa Dairy , Jhroda Dairy, Narela, Sindhu Border G.T., Bankner Vill, Hamidpur Vill, Kadipur Vill, Khera Khurd Vill, Palla Vill, Singhola Vill, Katewra and Burari.

In case of any grivance contect, District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr.Rakesh Singh Mob. 9818577469



Tis Hazari and Bhama Shah Road.

In case of any grievance contact, District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr.P.K.Srivastav Mob. 9810719184


Head of Office : Joint Director (Agriculture).
Office Address : 11thFloor MSO Building, I.P.Eastate, ITO, ,New Delhi-110002.
Telephone No. : 23713377, 23713388, 23714472.

Fax No-23713399.


Question: What are services/facilities provided by Agriculture Unit of Development Deptt. and what is the procedure to procure?

Answer: Services/facilities provided by Agriculture Unit along with the procedure to procure, time taken to avail

These facilities with requisite remarks are as follows:


S.No. Services/Facilities Procedure to Procure Time Frame Remarks(Whom to contact)
1. Transfer of technology through trainings workshop, training camp, Kissan Gosthy,direct contect etc. To increase production & productivity of Agricultural –Horticultural crops. On Contacting Agriculture Extension staff in the nearest B.D.O. Office or D.T.O. Office . At the spot , if available, or in the programme. Joint Director (Agri.) 11thfloor , MSO Bldg.(ITO),New Delhi-2.
2. Distribution of metallic Grain Storage bins, chaff cutter, Agriculture inputs etc. to SC Farmers /Agriculture labours/Landless workers etc. up to Rs. 5000/- per beneficiary. Submission of Application through B.D.O. in prescribed format. Within one month after sanction of competent Authority Nearest B.D.O.Office or Joint Director(Agri.) Office.

In case if any grievances please contract Jt. Director (Agriculture) on any working day i.e. Monday to Friday(10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Head of Office : Head of office (Plant Protection)
Office Address : 11th floor, MSO Bldg., I.T.O, New Delhi -110002.
Telephone No. : 23317598.

Question : What are the Services/facilities provided by the Plant Protection unit of Development Deptt. and what is the procedure to procure?

Answer : Services/facilities provided by the Plant Protection unit along with the procedure to procure, time taken to avail these facilities with requisite remarks are as follows :


S.No. Services/Facilities Procedure to Procure Time Frame Remarks (Whom to contact)
1. Providing technical know-now for control of insect pests including stored again pests, diseases, weeds and other non-insects of agricultural, horticultural and other economical crops/plants On contacting the Agri. Extension staff or Junior Technical Assistant of Plant Protection at the nearest BDO Office. At the spot on contacting them. Head of Office (Plant Protection), 11thfloor, MSO Bldg. ITO., New Delhi Ph.:23317598.
2. Periodical drawl of samples of various chemical insecticides/pesticides, bio-pesticides, herbal pesticides etc. to test their quality under Insecticides Act. 1968 and Insecticides Rules 1971. Launching of prosecution in court against defaulters Periodical drawal of insecticides samples on sau-moto basis to test the quality. Attenting complaints of any farmers releting to plant protection, their control and sale of sub-standred insecticides etc. As per time provision under relevant Act/Rules. Head of Office (Plant Protection), 11thfloor, MSO Bldg. ITO., New Delhi Ph.:23317598.


S.No. Services/Facilities Procedure to Procure Time Remarks (Whom to contact)
1. Registration of programme for Seed Certification. Submission of application in prescribed form before or after 10 days of sowing of crop with Rs. 25/- per application. Verification of source and other details. Field inspections Rs. 150/- per Hect. for Self pollinated and Rs. 175/- per cross pollinated. Processing and Packing Seed Sampling and analysis @ Rs. 350/- per sample. Tagging & Sealing Rs. 1/- per Tag. Grant of Certification : During Office time Chief Seed Certification Officer/Seed Certification Officer,O/o CSCO, Mall Road, Near Govt. Petrol Pump,Delhi-110054
2. Appeal against the decision of Seed Certification Officer on rejection Aggrieved person/firm can file appeal to the Appellate Authority. One Month Development Commissioner
3. Revalidation of Seeds. Request for revalidation before expiry and deposit of fee Rs.5/- per Qtl/and Rs.350/- per sample as testing charges. Within 30 Days Seed Certification Officer.

In case if any grievances contact:Chief Seed Certification Officeron any working day i.e. Monday to Friday (10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)

Head of Office : Asstt. Soil Chemist(ASC)
Office Address : Soil Testing Lab. Bawana Road, Barwala, Delhi-39.
Telephone No. : 27893823, 27821143

Question : What are the Services/facilities provided by the ASC unit of Development Department and what is the procedure to procure?

Answer : Services/facilities provided by the ASC unit along with the procedure to procure, time taken to avail these facilities with requisite remarks
are as follows : Working Hours: 10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday

S.No Services/Facilities Procedure to Procure Time Remarks (Whom to contact)
1. Testing of soil and water samples in the Soil Testing Laboratory to find-out the Soil fertility status for application of various fertilizers, adoption of Integrated Nutrient Management and adoption of soil reclamation measures, if required, Soil & Water samples are sent by Block Extension staffs as well as directly sent by the farmers and Farm Houses. Testing of Soil samples on payment of Rs. 30/- samples by general farmers, Rs. 500/- by Farm House and water samples Rs. 20/- by general and SC farmers, Rs. 300/- by Farm Houses. The testing of soil & water samples is free of cost for SC/ST farmers. Within One month after submitting of sample and deposit of applicable testing charges Asstt. Soil Chemist, Barwala, Delhi - 39


S.No Services/Facilities Procedure to Procure Time Remarks (Whom to contact)
1. Transfer of technology through training, workshop, training camp, Kissan Gosthy, directly etc. to increase production & Agriculture-Horticultural crops. On Contacting Agriculture Extension staff in the nearest B.D.O Office. At the spot, if available or in the programmes Project Officer (IADP) 11thFloor, MSO, Build. New Delhi.
2. Testing of seed samples in Seed Testing Laboratory. Testing of seed samples on payment of testing charges, Farmers service samples @ Rs. 75/- samples, dealers @ Rs. 200/-, enforcement @ Rs. 150/-, certification @ Rs. 350/- and export samples @ Rs. 500/- per samples. Within 30 day Project Officer (IADP) /Seed Analyst, Seed Testing Lab. Barwala Delhi - 39


Name of licenses/permits/approvals /NOC issued by the department directly Purpose for which it is given Act/Rules based on which it is given Where to apply (Office Address) Time Limit Responsible Authority
Seed Dealer License License to sell , export import & store seeds Seed Control Order, 1983 O/o Project officer (IADP)11thFloor,M.S.O.Bldg.,I.P.Eastate New Delhi-2 Ph.-23714472 30 Days Joint Director(Agri.)/ Licensing Authority (Seeds) Email-jdagridelhi[at]gmail[dot]com M-9654153129
Certificate of Fertilizer Registration Authorization entitling the applicant to carry on the fertilizer business or Preparation of Physical Mixture of Micronutrients/Organic Fertilizer Fertilizer control order , 1983 O/o Joint Director (Agriculture) 11thFloor,M.S.O.Bldg.,I.P.Eastate New Delhi-2 Ph.-23714472 Fertilizer Dealer Regn. : 30 Days Seed Analyst / Notified Authority Email-jdagridelhi[at]gmail[dot]com M-9643844287
Fertilizer Manufac-turer Regn. : 45 Days Seed Analyst/ Registering Authority Email-jdagridelhi[at]gmail[dot]com M-9643844287
Insecticide Dealer License License to sell stock or exhibit for sale or distribution of Insecticides & Pest Control Operation Insecticide Act, 1968 O/o Plant Protection officer,11thFloor,M.S.O.Bldg.,I.P.Eastate New Delhi-2 Ph.-23317598 30 Days Joint Director(Agri.) / Licencing Officer (Insectisides) Email-jdagridelhi[at]gmail[dot]com M-9654153129


Head of Office : Project Officer (I.A.D.P)
Office Address : 11th Floor, MSO Bldg., ITO, New Delhi-02.
Telephone No. : 3319290.

Question : What are the Services/facilities provided by the IADP unit of Development Department and what is the procedure to procure?

Answer : Services/facilities provided by the IADP unit along with the procedure to procure, time taken to avail these facilities with requisite
remarks are as follows


In case if any grievances, contact: Project Officer (IADP) on any working day i.e. Monday to Friday (10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)

Public Interface Activities : Issuance of Certificate of Registration/License to carry on the business of Seeds/Fertilizers/Insecticides by Agriculture Unit , Development Department ,Govt. of N.C.T. Delhi


Office Address :4th Floor, room no 410 to 412,



Delhi Rural Development Board (DRDB) was initially constituted by an executive order dated 27.12 2002 on the pattern of Trans Yamuna Development Board. It was reconstituted from time to time. It has now been reconstituted by new government vide order dated 14.05.2015 (copy enclosed) with an aim to formulate a unified area plan for rural areas of Delhi and to monitor projects and schemes being implemented by the execution agencies. Hon’ble Minister of Development is the chairman of Delhi Rural Development Board.

The Chairman’s Office is located at ;

10thLevel, A-Wing, Delhi Sachivalya,

I.P.Estate, New Delhi.

Phone : 23392854, 23392855, 23392856

Following developmental works/projects are taken up by the DRDB under its main plan scheme – Integrated Development of Rural Villages (IDRV).

(a). Construction/Repair of approach roads/ Link roads/ village roads.

(b). Construction of drainage facility mainly to protect from flooding.

(c). Development of cremation grounds, parks, playgrounds, vyayamshalas, etc.

(d). Development of ponds/water bodies.

(e). Other need based works like drinking water facility, street light etc.

The Delhi Rural Development Board prioritize the works and recommends the works its execution by different agencies. It has 44 members drawn from different walks of life including MLAs, Govt. Officials, experts in engineering, architecture etc. There is Eight Dy. Commissioner of Revenue District i.e. North, North-West, West, South, South-West, New-Delhi, Central and South-East shall be co-opted as members as and when required.

Following procedure is followed for execution of RD Projects in Rural villages

  1. On the recommendation of concerned area MLA/MP’s the estimates are being prepared by the Executing Agencies i.e. I&FC, South DMC/ North DMC and submitted to the Project Director (RD).
  2. Thereafter, the schemes are placed before the DRDB for approval.
  3. After the approval of the said project by the DRDB, the file of the said project is forwarded to the concerned Dy. Commissioner/land owing agencies for want of required information/reports like, revenue records of the proposed land, total area of the land, ownership of the land, status of the land, whether the land has been fenced/wall earlier, if so details thereof, litigation position of the land, recommendation of Dy. Commissioner, status of encroachment.
  1. On the report received from the Revenue Department , if found in order, concerned executing agency is requested to submit the fresh estimates as per the latest financial guidelines.
  2. On receipt of the complete proposal with latest financial guidelines from the executing agency concerned , the file is put up for A/A & E/S.
  3. The A/A & E/S issued by the Rural development Deptt. then forwarded to the Executing Agency for execution of the work.

The Delhi Rural Development had approved 1278 schemes in its last three meetings i.e 23.05.2012, 14.09.2012 & 08.05.2013 of an estimated amount of Rs.1184 Crores. Total sanction have been issued for 322 works amounting to Rs. 248.45 Crore during 2012-13, 14 works of Rs. 13.04 Crore Sanctioned during 2013-14 and 346 schemes/works amounting to Rs.174 Crores up to 31.03.2015. These schemes are be executed through I & FC Department ( the main Execution Agencies), North DMC and South DMC and as expenditure of Rs.98.00 Crores incurred during 2014-15.

The Rural Development Department has allocated the Budget B.E 2015-16 for Rs.175.00 Crores, which would be spent by 31stMarch 2016. Out of which during the Current Financial Year 2015-16 an amount of Rs.5.48 Crores (up to 31stMay 2015) has been incurred by I & FC Deptt.


The Delhi Rural Development Board(DRDB) has been constituted w.e.f. 11th Oct.,2004 with Shri Sajjan Kumar, MP as Chairman and 38 other members to advise Government on issues connected with infrastructural development and for securing plan growth of rural areas of Delhi.

The Chairmans Office is located at:-

16, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001
Phone NO. 23355222.

Resi.: 7/3, AB Pkt. II, Paschim Puri New Delhi-110063
Phone:- 25215455. 25217777.

Project Director, Rural Development Department is the Member Secretary of the Delhi Rural Development Board.


Creation of infrastructural facilities in rural areas through its two plan Schemes :

Integrated Development of Rural Villages:

  • Approach Roads
  • Links Roads
  • Drainage
  • Ponds
  • Parks
  • Vyayamshala
  • Playgrounds
  • Cremation grounds

Mini Master Plan

  • Multi Purpose Community Centres (MPCC's)
  • Growth centres
  • Growth points


1. Any applicant intends to book the MPCC, may approach the concerned BDO with a security deposit of Rs. 1000/-. This security money is collected for meeting the cost of any damage and waste. The applicant should also deposit a sum of Rs. 1250/- per day with BDO as hiring charge of the premises per day, which is non-refundable. 2. MPCC is allotted on rental basis for Social Activities, Health Related Activities, Vocational Training, Educational Activities, Hobby Courses, and Commercial Activities etc. on a licence fee of Rs. 84/- per sq. mtr/ per month. This rate has been revised to Rs. 20 per sq. mtr./ per month w.e.f. 1st April, 2005. The applicant desirous to get MPCC on rental Basis has to contact the concerned Deputy Commissioner for allotment. In case if any grievances contact Project Director(Rural Development) on any working day i.e. Monday to Friday (10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)

If grievances are not settled at the lower level (unit level),
Public Grievance Officer
Dy. Director (HQ)
Development Department
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
at Head Quarter on working days between 9.30 a.m. to 6.00p.m.
5/9 Under Hill Road(Transport Authority Building110054
Phone no. (O): 23918817